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Woman photographic public art near Olympus Corsair in San Diego, California



Public art serves multiple purposes including improving a space from a physical perspective and also serving as a form of expression for everyone to enjoy. Created in many mediums, public art can be displayed in sculpture, gardens, light displays and even graffiti. San Diego is fortunate to have a master public art plan that is maintained by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture. Here are some great works that are displayed throughout the city:

Fault Whisper

Located in Fault Line Park, Fault Whisper was created by Living Lenses artists Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen. Made up of two large spheres, these stainless steel works separate the Rose Canyon Fault System. Created to highlight the movement of the fault line, visitors can use the viewfinder in the western sphere to note changes in the fault by looking back toward the eastern sphere. Installed in 2015, Fault Whisper uses an accelerator mechanism that is buried in the fault rupture that monitors the movements of the Earth.


Installed in 2016, Bright is a series of sculptures that make their home at the Skyline Hills Branch Library. Created by Actual Size Artworks, this series consists of metal structures that have been placed on the outside of the building as well as in two rooms of the library. Inspired by the idea that libraries draw people in, Bright's artistic display resembles moths that gather toward the light.

Crab Carillon

Found on the 25th Street overpass, Crab Carillon is an interactive art piece created by artist Roman de Salvo and composer Joseph Waters. By making the bars across the bridge an actual instrument, visitors can run a stick over them to create a melody. The tune was composed as a palindrome which plays the same melody no matter which way the bars are struck.

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