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Cream pouring into black coffee next to a fresh croissant and jam



Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly, eggs and bacon, Mando and Grogu, and of course, coffee and donuts. But when it comes to a great coffee/pastry combo, not all locations are created equal. Some spots have top-notch coffee but dare to sell you crusty two-day-old scones that are so hard you might chip a tooth – or other places are visa versa! Neither is acceptable. Like Master Yoda said, we need balance. With that in mind, here are three locations with coffee/pastry combos that give you the best of both worlds.

Cafe Cali

A young locally owned business, Cafe Cali, has a lot going on. Protein bowls, breakfast sandwiches, they’ve even got Kombucha on tap! But you’re here for coffees and pastries. And Cafe Cali does not disappoint. Boasting your standard coffee drinks, Cafe Cali also gets imaginative like every great coffee shop should. Menu items like Eggnog Gingerbread Lattes and Vietnamese Ca Phe are must-try for any coffee lover. And the pastries, oh the pastries got it going on! All the Donuts, muffins, danishes, and cakes are made fresh daily – they’re generously sized, taste great, and also come in gluten free options.

Bear Buns Bakery

Bear Buns Bakery keeps it simple – coffee, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and cold drinks. That’s it. Their pastry menu is big on muffin options, like your standard blueberry and your not so standard spice cake. If your sweet tooth is especially strong, be sure to try the sticky buns! The coffee menu also has a few surprises you won't find in many places, like the Mexican Mocha.

Tous les Jours

We saved the best for last. Tour les Jours is the best pastry/coffee combo on this list. Why, you ask? Well first, let’s start with the pastries. Tous les Jours specializes in French-Asian inspired baked goods – the result of which is more than 300 different kinds of breads, pastries, and cakes. The coffee doesn’t disappoint either. While not as adventurous as the other two locations on this list, Tous les Jours doesn’t have to be. With all the pasties to choose from, all they need is a standard coffee shop menu done well to compliment their pastries. Remember, it’s about the combo. And while Tous les Jours serves less than a dozen different coffee flavors, it’s about quality, not quantity. So stop reading and go grab yourself a pastry/coffee combo.

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