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Customer about to bite into a hamburger at a restaurant near Olympus Corsair in San Diego, California



There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a fresh, delicious and delectable hamburger. For beef aficionados everywhere looking for the best burgers in the downtown San Diego area, look no further! Here are three of the top places (non-chain restaurants) in downtown San Diego to try the latest and greatest burgers:


Bunz is a classic local burger joint serving up only the freshest farm-to-table ingredients in their delectable hamburgers. They serve a variety of burgers sure to place every palette from the Cowboy Burgers to burgers like their signature Three Lil' Pigs that even comes with eggs on the burger! They also serve a variety of burgers in between! Each meal comes with fries or onions rings and is affordably priced at $10.95, which is a great deal for the fresh farm-to-table ingredients you are getting! Bunz may be a small corner restaurant but don't underestimate its ability to serve up delicious tasting burgers!


Hodad's serves up giant burgers and toppings include almost any combination of ingredients you can dream of and these burgers are all served up with an Ocean Beach vibe at Hodad's local burger joint. The bonus: the massive portions are enough for you to enjoy a meal now and take one home for later! That means most people will be able to get two meals for the price of one! All of that comes with fries or onion rings for a very reasonable price. Couple that with great service, and you have a winning experience! The restaurant is decorated with decor that displays the rich history of San Diego making it San Diego's "ultimate hometown burger joint".

Crazee Burgers

Crazee Burgers delivers customers Crazee Burgers alright! They even have burgers made from exotic animal meat like boar, kangaroo, or even antelope meat! They top these various gourmet meat patties with almost anything you can imagine to create Crazee Burgers that live up to the name. Feel like a true caveman creating your own unique and bizarre combinations of meats and toppings to make a burger you love! Check out these great burger joints next time you are in the San Diego area to try some great burgers that don't just have to come from chain restaurants! It's authentic Americana food at its best!

For more information on great places to eat in the San Diego area, please feel free to contact us.