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Woman reclining on a padded bench in a cabana on the beach, with her back to the camera.



Hanging out at the beach under an umbrella is just fine for some people. But this is you! Show those other beachgoers what good living is all about with a swanky chill zone that’s all your own – in the middle of the public beach. You need a portable cabana!

There are a variety of types of shade-makers: from those that feel like a camping tent with one side removed to bigger, flashier models that feel like you’re in a Greek painting (all that’s missing is someone fanning you with palm leaves and dropping grapes into your mouth). Live your own oceanside fantasy with one of these options!

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

This beach shade is more three-sided tent than luxury cabana, but it does the same job – just in a smaller, lighter, more cramped package. There’s definitely no room to be fanned like the god or goddess you are in here. But what you lose in space you make up in portability – the Easy Setup Beach Tent only weighs 4.45 pounds!

Business & Pleasure Premium Cabana

Setting a new standard for luxury beach shades (according to their website), the Premium Cabana is a wall-less structure featuring a sturdy central pole with ground screw, a square umbrella at its top, and four wooden legs, each with an attached sandbag to keep things secure. The top section is adorned with festive “cotton bullion fringe,” and each leg is encased in canvas and has pockets for your beach stuff. The Premium Cabana also includes a matching canvas carrying bag.

TreePod Cabana

This hanging capsule of shade requires a hammock stand (not included), a tree, or an exposed beam beneath the old boardwalk to properly do its thing. Once suspended, it offers a comfy, swinging spot to relax and unwind. No room for extra people or pets in here, but it does hold up to 500 pounds, and the sheer walls keep things cool and breezy.

SmithFly Cabana Raft

Combine your love for the water and staying out of the sun! The 8-foot by 8-foot Cabana Raft is an inflatable cabana that – you guessed it – is also a floatation device. The setup includes a foot pump, patch kit, and storage bag, complete with carrying handles. Act fast!

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