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Woman looking in her closet at Olympus Corsair in San Diego, California

5 Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Closet Space


Here’s the deal. Everything may technically fit in your closet, but if you’ve got it all jumbled together – clothes, shoes, accessories, bags – you’re not maximizing your closet space. Often, there are missed opportunities when it comes to closets and making the most of the real estate available. Transform your closet from messy to organized with these five storage hacks.

Utilize Hooks When Possible

Gone are the days of clothes, bags, or towels laying on the ground. If you have any available wall space, perhaps even behind a door, hang a coat rack or individual hooks on the wall, allowing you to have some of those accessories you need available front and center. The hook or peg rack system makes it easy to grab and go, and is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Use Racks for Folded Storage

Racks can be used for more than just clothes on hangers. Invest in a fabric shelf hanging storage organizer where you can place folded clothes, as well as compartmentalize other accessories, like hats, scarves, gloves, and more.

Create Shelving Storage

Shelving can add so much to a space visually, and it creates yet another area to store bins and baskets. If you have overhead availability, install some easy DIY closet shelves above the hanging rods. You don’t need to keep your everyday items up there, rather things you only access occasionally.

Clear Storage Bins

This tip helps keep you organized and find what you need, fast. Clear storage bins make it very easy to organize your items by type, and to actually see what’s in them when putting stuff away or taking anything out. Keep clear storage bins in clear view, preferably on open shelving.

Purge & Donate

Before you begin your journey to a new, organized closet with maximized space, start with a clean slate. Take all of your belongings out and go through them to determine what you want to keep, store, or get rid of. Repeat this process at least twice a year. Not only will you feel good about donating what you don’t need, you’ll save yourself space.

Get your closet situation fresh for fall with these five storage hacks. For other lifestyle tips and tricks, check out Olympus Corsair’s blog.