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Resident jumping rope in her apartment home at Olympus Corsair in San Diego, California

4 Essential Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Workout


It doesn’t take fancy weights or lots of space to get an incredible workout. In fact, with a few small pieces of equipment, you can make great strides toward your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home. Here are four workout tools we think everyone should have in their at-home gym.

Mini Bands, Major Burn

Mini bands might not look like much but they deliver amazing results. Slip them on over your knees to add an extra level of grit to your squat game. Work your back by using them as resistance during a bent-over row. These dynamic bungies come in a variety of thicknesses, so whether you’re looking to strengthen an injured shoulder or build your glutes, you can easily decide the intensity of your workout.

Get Jumping for Better Cardio

Strengthen your heart and skyrocket your cardio game with a simple jump rope. These work well as a warmup tool but are also a great way to build stamina and strengthen your mental endurance. There are a lot of different ropes to choose from, and Men’s Health does a good job of breaking down the best ones.

Get Movin’ on the Mat

You don’t have to downward dog or call yourself a Yogi to use one of these. A simple mat adds an extra layer of comfort to your workout, whether you’re doing a high-intensity routine or lifting a couple of dumbbells. If you’re looking for an extra cushion try a 1-inch mat, otherwise, a quarter-inch or half-inch mat will provide all the grip you need.

Flex Your Form with the Foam Roller

After following our exercise tips, your muscles are probably getting stronger, but they may feel tighter and less mobile, too. A foam roller is a fantastic recovery tool and a must-have when it comes to your home gym. Foam rolling helps release tension in your muscles and connective tissues that can lead to stiffness and restrict your movements. Spend a few minutes on this piece of equipment and you’ll definitely notice a difference in your post-workout recovery.

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