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Woman shopping at the last surviving Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon



Chances are, whatever type of technology you’re using to read this blog has also been used to watch everything from a two-minute movie trailer to a full-length feature film. That’s life in 2020. Back in the 1990’s there were no smartphones or streaming services. There were video retail stores. The biggest of which was easily BLOCKBUSTER. At its peak, BLOCKBUSTER was a global business with over 9,000 stores worldwide and was synonymous with Friday Nights relaxing at home. That’s right, BLOCKBUSTER was the “Netflix and Chill” of its day. But times change. And as technology advanced BLOCKBUSTER went the way of VCR’s, cassette tapes and parachute pants.

All but one. In the sleepy little town of Bend, in Central Oregon, sits the last BLOCKBUSTER in the entire world. And here’s why you need to visit.

Bend, Oregon

Bend is a great little tourist town. The locals refer to the area as, “The High Desert” but don’t let that fool you. There are calm rivers you can float down, breathtaking waterfalls, and some of the best skiing in the entire Northwest. And getting there won’t be a problem either as the airport in nearby Redmond has flights connecting to all the major hubs on or near the west coast including Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, and even Los Angeles.

The Festivals

Bend loves it’s festivals. Film festivals, music festivals, beer festivals, food festivals, beer AND food festivals, Bend has it all. There have been many cancellations due to COVID, but rest assured, when restrictions are lifted, the city of Bend will make up for lost fun.

The Nostalgia Is Real

When you walk into the world’s last BLOCKBUSTER it’s like having the physical personification of the 1990’s walk up and hit you in the face. Nothing has changed! The new releases still line the walls, older movies are still in the middle, clearly organized by genre, the discount bins are alive and well (there’s even a few old VHS’s in there), and the snacks are strategically placed on the way to the register. Everything from color scheme to staff attire have survived twenty years into the new millennium. And you should definitely see it for yourself.

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