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Closeup of retro vintage twill jacket with woolen necktie



While no one would accuse HBO Max’s Gossip Girl of being a critical darling, the reboot series has already broken streaming records. And while we may soon judge the show on its own merits, all this has prodded us to reflect on one of the original show’s more understated delights: Chuck Bass’s fashion. If you’re looking to experiment with your style, there are a few key lessons to learn from this bad-boy playboy turned bonafide fashion maverick.

Timeless Elegance

Breaking down Chuck’s outfits piece by piece, you’ll find the character dons attire that feels formal and even anachronistic in contemporary settings. Suspenders, bow ties, ascots, vibrant blazers, waistcoats. Basically, traditional European menswear. However, it’s the details that can elevate a sophisticated but stuffy look into an eye-catching ensemble that expresses individual taste and sensibility.

Choice Color Choices

For some, the hardest part about putting together an outfit is matching colors. American men’s fashion in particular tends to offer a pretty limited palette, shying away from hues that may be perceived as flamboyant – although, blessedly, that is changing. Chuck’s style shows the power of playing with color. Drawing from basic color principles, Chuck zhuzhes up his garb with high-contrast colors, often adding a bold complimentary accent piece like a tie or pocket square to complete the look. Take a quick peek at a color wheel and then review some of Chuck’s best outfits to get a better idea of how you can dress to express. From there, you can mix things up with different types of fabric and texture!

Subtle Experimentation

In fusing the traditional with the modern, Chuck’s more experimental choices seem more natural and effortless. You, too, can try more adventurous styles simply by anchoring your outfits in the familiar. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to establish a signature piece that tells the world who you are.

If you implement even one of these techniques, you’ll already be ahead of the game! For more lifestyle tips and info on upcoming local events, check out our Fusion Apartments blog.