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Resident relaxing in his lush balcony garden at Fusion Apartments in Irvine, California

Step Up Your Balcony Gardening Game


It doesn’t have to take much time or cash to step up your balcony gardening game, and you’ll love the results, whether you’re just enjoying your revamped space on a lazy morning or hosting friends for dinner al fresco. Take advantage of the incredible SoCal weather and transform your balcony into a lush, inviting oasis with these handy tips from Olympus' Fusion Apartments.

Plant in Pretty Pots

Aside from the beauty of the plants themselves, you can add architectural flair and pops of color through the use of pretty pots. Match the color scheme of your living room for a cohesive look. Create a cool industrial or farmhouse vibe with the use of galvanized and metal containers. Find some funky shapes and unusual styles of containers to add focal points with modern appeal. You can save money by spray-painting or decorating your existing pots to create a whole new look. You can also incorporate statues, gazing balls, and pretty lighting for additional flair.

Grow Vertical

Lend visual interest to your balcony garden by adding some elevation. Train climbing plants like mandevilla, clematis, or fast-growing passion flower up a trellis or frame. Use a bench or shelving unit to create different levels for your pots and plants, or add some height by mixing in taller plants such as bamboo, palms, or ficus.

Add Some Aromatics

Even if your balcony garden already looks great, you can add another dimension with the addition of aromatic plants. Scented flowers such as freesias, lavender, or gardenias are always a wonderful addition. Or incorporate fragrant herbs like rosemary, mint, basil, and lemon balm. Not only will your balcony smell heavenly, you’ll have fresh herbs on hand to use in your kitchen too.

Try Self-Watering Planters

Don’t let your brown thumb hold you back. Cleverly designed self-watering pots or planters have a water reservoir at the bottom and use a wicking system to draw moisture up through the soil to the plants’ roots. This maintains more consistent moisture content in the soil and helps you avoid over- or under-watering. You just need to top up the water reservoir when the indicator tells you it’s low. Easy!

Every apartment home at Olympus Fusion Apartments in Irvine, CA, includes a spacious patio or balcony where you can let your inner gardener out to play. Contact us to learn more about our community and visit our blog for more great lifestyle and decorating tips.


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