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woman serving soup to a person in need



With the holidays upon us, it’s no secret that there are more people in need this season than in years past. And if you find yourself wanting to do more to help but not knowing how to navigate those waters in a safe and healthy manner, we’re here to help assuage your fears and point you in the right direction. Here are three local nonprofits where you can help those in need.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Bank services many of the 450,000 Orange County residents who are at risk of going hungry on a monthly basis by providing meals for the three largest groups impacted by hunger: children, seniors, and those in poverty. You can donate your time by visiting their volunteer section. There are volunteer safety restrictions due to COVID, but still ways to help such as their Virtual Food Drive.


While many great nonprofits help the less fortunate through food drives and clothing donations, the majority of society wants to be able to stand on their own two feet. For WHW (Women Helping Women), their mission is to empower women by helping them get and keep good jobs. And while there is certainly a focus on helping females who were victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking, formerly incarcerated, foster youth, or in insecure hosing, there are many stellar programs catering specifically to men and male youth as well. Head over to their Help Our Cause section to see how you can assist.

Habitat for Humanity

Easily the most well known organization on our list, Habitat for Humanity has a long and proud tradition of not only fighting for fair housing policies but by helping build, renovate, and repair decent affordable housing for everyone – no matter their income. Go to their volunteer page and see everything you can do to help. Maybe you want to use your hands and help build a home from scratch? Or maybe you’re an organizer and want to help check-in fellow volunteers at home repair and build sites – whatever you choose, Habitat for Humanity will definitely be grateful for your time and love for your fellow human.

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