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Close-up of many bagels in a bakery



It’s no wonder there’s a whole day set aside to celebrate bagels – who doesn’t love these round, doughy treats?

These delicious breakfast staples actually have a fascinating history, stretching back to Poland in the 1600s. They “arrived” in America in the 1800s with Polish-Jewish immigrants and became an important part of New York’s food scene. And by the 1950s, they were a regular item in the bread aisle at every grocery store.

When Jan. 15 rolls around, head over to one of these great bagel shops so you can join in the celebration of this beloved food.

East Coast Bagel

Stop over to Culver Drive for bagels done right – East Coast style. At this eatery, they follow the traditional procedure for making bagels that was perfected many years ago in New York. Their bagels are made with all-natural ingredients, are low in sodium and fat, and are much bigger than traditional bagels – which means you get more bite for your buck. They have a huge variety of flavors that range from traditional varieties to specialties like Sundried-Tomato, Jalapeno, Spinach Parmesan, and Super Cinnamon.

Bruegger’s Bagels

This is another bagel shop that respects tradition. When they began their journey into bagel-making, they headed straight for New York to learn from the experts. This chain, with a location on Alton Parkway, has been operating around the country for 35 years – which means they know what they’re doing. Their gourmet bagel selections include Rosemary Olive Oil, Cheesy Hashbrown, and Pumpernickel. And they even offered flavored cream cheeses like Sriracha Honey, Onion & Chive, and Strawberry.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Over on Harvard Avenue, you’ll find this delicious and fun bagel shop that offers some of the best bagel sandwiches in Irvine. Don’t miss out on their Jalapeno Bacon bagel, brimming with cheese, spicy pepper, and salty bacon, or their Texas Brisket Egg Sandwich, a breakfast that will keep you going for hours. They also have a variety of sweet bagel treats, including the Churro Party Bagel, lightly fried and dusted with cinnamon sugar, filled with a delicious cream, and the Chocolate Birthday Cake Party Bagel with frosting and chocolate cream.

For all the secrets on where to eat, shop, and play in Irvine, follow the Fusion Apartments blog.


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