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A woman in an upscale apartment putting dishes away in a well-organized kitchen cupboard.



Nothing feels better than a tidy home, where everything has its place. But without the proper storage solutions, getting organized can feel like a tall task. Banish your junk drawer and make the most of your counter space with these convenient tools.

Container Lid Organizer, $19.99

If you’re like us, tossing out leftovers is a sin you’re unwilling to commit. And that’s why Tupperware is your BFF. Never lose another lid with this handy lid organizer – it’ll make packing up tomorrow’s lunch easier than ever.

Magnetic Shelf for Kitchen Stove, $39.99

If you don’t heavily season your food, kindly never invite us over for dinner. The only thing bad about spices is finding a place to put them, particularly those you reach for regularly. Free up your counter space – and keep the salt in sight – with this over-the-stove magnetic shelf.

Drawer Organizers, $12.99

What's the point of a junk drawer if you can barely open it and have no idea what's in there? Clean up your mess – and keep it that way – with these drawer organizer trays. Now it will be a cinch to locate the rubberband you saved the last time you bought asparagus and the silver dollar your grandpa gave you in 2007.

Monitor Stand Riser With Drawer, $27.99

You’ve graduated from working on the couch with your laptop on a pillow – your home office has come a long way. But you could use a little extra room to store the pens and notepads strewn all over your desk, and your neck could use a little reprieve from looking down at your screen all day. This monitor stand with a drawer will solve all your issues – aside from that pesky lack of motivation.

Macrame Fruit Hammock, $30

Store your fruits and veggies in plain sight – but out of the way – in this boho-chic, under-the-cabinet macrame fruit hammock. It’s so cute you just might want to buy a human-sized version to put on your patio.

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