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Young woman tidying up cushions and a throw blanket on her living room sofa.



Our homes are our sanctuaries – they’re where we spend a good majority of our life, even if we’re out-and-abouters. Whether you’re looking to just refresh a room or completely redecorate your whole place, this handy guide will show you how to make your apartment oasis dreams come true.

Let the Light In

Nothing says at-home oasis more than natural lighting. No matter which direction your windows face, there are surely a few ways to invite more light in. Try placing a mirror or two near light sources such as windows and doors. Stick with soft or even sheer curtains to help maximize natural light and be sure to draw them back first thing in the morning to brighten up your space.

Focus on the Calm-Factor

Think soft colors, cozy fabrics, and comfortable seating or resting areas. While beige, white, and grey are the go-to for calm interior colors, muted blues, greens, and lavenders are also great for calming down your home’s energy. Add a few soft-toned pillows to your seating areas or toss a light-colored throw blanket over the back of your couch to cozy things up.

Bring the Outdoors In

Living plants and natural textures work wonders on your mood. Pick up a new green baby or two from your local plant shop to help bring the great outdoors in, and to give you an in-home air purification boost. Maybe swap out a furniture piece or two for some with natural wood elements to mellow out your apartment’s vibe.

Add In Appealing Scents

Another element of a dreamy at-home oasis is making it smell good. Try a beautiful porcelain diffuser and drop in some of your favorite essential oil scents, such as lemon, cedar, or even calming lavender.

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