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A wooden plate of sushi at a restaurant

Enjoy Delicious Specialty Sushi Rolls in Irvine

On warm days, no-heat lunches are the way to go. If you’re tired of your typical salad, sushi is another great option to enjoy on a hot day. Irvine has some of the best sushi places around, serving up classic and unique rolls. Below are the top three sushi places near our apartments in Irvine.

Ootoro Sushi

Ootoro Sushi has been serving delicious rolls to the community for over a decade. The sushi chefs in this restaurant have extensive experience in preparing sushi, thus attracting many locals and tourists. Ootoro Sushi is authentic, tasty, and fresh. The restaurant is also well known for high-quality customer service.


Tomikawa is a Japanese fusion restaurant that showcases a variety of different cuisines. This restaurant is well known for its happy hour, which allows you to try different types of sushi at an affordable price. For a premium experience, they also offer all-you-can-eat, with a vast menu that includes specialty rolls, carpaccio, salads, and warm appetizers. The friendly atmosphere at this restaurant also attracts many locals. If you want to try a wide range of sushi rolls, Tomikawa is the place for you.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

This eatery provides an array of sushi options and gives you a unique experience. They have a conveyor belt with a vibrant selection of specialty rolls on colorful plates that each represent a different price point. Grab what you want on the belt, and your tab will be calculated based on the amount and colors of your plates. If you’re looking for something specific, they have a convenient tablet screen at every table so you can place your order. This modern sushi delivery system is top-notch and makes Kura Revolving Bar stand out.

Irvine is known for its diverse array of restaurants, giving locals unlimited dining options. If you want a new place to call home, contact us to learn more about our Irvine apartments. We are excited to take you on a tour!


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