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Person in a sweater with a blanket on their lap holding a light blue mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream.



Whoever said hot cocoa is only for the holidays is just plain wrong. Drinkable chocolate is good year-round. When you need a warm drink to face the chill, hot chocolate is there. When you need a comfort food to remind you that life is good, hot chocolate is there. When you need to satisfy your sweet tooth after giving up on your New Year’s resolutions, hot chocolate is there – always has been, always will be. 

What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb

If you’re unfamiliar with the hot chocolate bomb, don’t worry, it isn’t dangerous – unless you consider how dangerously delicious it is. It is a confection pre-loaded with cocoa mix and marshmallows, and whatever else you like, all wrapped in a hard chocolate shell. When you drop the bomb in 8 ounces of warm milk, the shell explodes with all the goodies inside.

Perfect Your Mix

A chocolate bomb starts with the goodies that will end up in your mug. When you DIY your own mix, you get to choose what goes inside. Pre-portion out enough hot cocoa mix, sprinkles, peppermint candy, or classic marshmallows for one serving. Don’t forget to add your secret ingredient – we know, nutmeg. Or whatever you normally use to make your perfect mug of hot chocolate. This will serve as the mushroom cloud to your explosion. 

Make a couple different types of hot chocolate bombs so your mood can dictate what type of hot chocolate to enjoy. Also – and this is important – stick to dry ingredients only. The peppermint Schnapps and whipped cream come after. 

If you’re having trouble deciding what hot cocoa mix to use, you are not alone. Several others have had the same debate. Let their findings be your guide

Put It All Together

The most important part to DIYing a hot chocolate bomb is creating the shell. It’s pretty easy to purchase a silicone mold. Then use a small paintbrush or pastry brush to create the outer chocolate shell. After the molds have cooled, place your innards mix between two shells and use the brush to seal the ball closed with more melted chocolate. 

This is another step you can fully customize to your tastes. You can use milk, dark, or white chocolate to create the shell. Decorate the top with drizzled chocolate, sprinkles, and powdered sugar. Draw a design on the ball even, whatever speaks to you. Decorating the outside will also hide any imperfections caused when you sealed the two shells together. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest-perfect to be perfectly delectable. 

For some of the finer details on tempering the chocolate for the shells and portioning, you can check out these tips or look over a few recipes on your own to get the idea. 


Once your bombs are finished, the only thing left to do is enjoy them. When everything is mixed up ahead of time and ready to go, making your favorite warm drink is as easy as heating up some milk. Line one up for every day of the week. Or, if you feel so inclined, hot chocolate bombs make great gifts. 

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