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Photo of baking supplies for blog post for Fusion Apartments in Irvine, California



You don’t need to go to Le Cordon Bleu to be a great cook. You just need the right tools. Give these a try and get ready to up your baking game.

Cast Iron Muffin Pan

Old-fashioned cast iron is making a comeback – and with good reason. Cast iron is easy to clean, infuses iron (an important mineral) into your food, and it distributes heat more evenly than standard pans. This muffin pan is great for whipping up a batch of blueberry muffins or cheese biscuits.

Pastry Blender

If you like making pies and biscuits, this tool will make your life so much easier. Its grooved metal strips cut easily through butter, giving you an even incorporation with flour, which creates exactly the kind of dough you want for your baking.


This isn’t like the graters of your childhood. Graters like Microplane and this tool are razor-sharp and create a delicate, fine grate. It’s perfect for recipes that call for lemon zest, works well with hard cheeses, and creates a lovely dust of chocolate as a finish for desserts.

Ice Cream Scoop

Sure, this tool is great for what it was designed to do – scoop out the perfect globe of ice cream. But every baker knows that these scoops are the secret to perfectly proportioned cookies, muffins, and cupcakes. With each scoop, you’ll be assured that you’re using the same amount of batter, keeping your baking consistently sized and ensuring an even bake. The trigger mechanism also helps to remove the batter easily.

Kitchen Scale

Baking is all about proportions. Every ingredient must be measured precisely to make all that delicious chemistry turn your ingredients into a sweet treat – especially if you are making something as finicky as, say, macarons. Get yourself a good kitchen scale to ensure you’re getting all your measurements right.

Stand Mixer

Okay, sure the price tag is hefty – but home cooks generally agree that this machine is worth every penny. With its basic attachments (paddle, whisk, and dough hook), you can cream butter, whip up meringue, and knead bread dough like a champ. And all without tiring your arm. It cuts down on prep time, protects you from carpal tunnel flare-ups, and makes consistent, perfect mixes every time.


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