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There are a lot of changes that come with the autumn season that most people implement in their lives around this time of year. For instance, they might decorate their house with autumnal elements. They’ll pull sweaters and heavier pants out of storage bins, and perhaps even update their makeup palettes with colors more suited to fall. But have you ever thought about incorporating new fragrances into your grooming routine that would make the season a little more special? Here are a few fun scents to try.


This perfume, one of the creations of actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s Henry Rose line, is the perfect mysterious, woodsy blend for the Halloween season. It’s a great fragrance for both men and women with its citrusy top notes and a base of vetiver, sandalwood, and musk. And if you want something a little more sultry, try their Dark Is Night blend, which features patchouli, vetiver, and vanilla bean.

The Salem Collection

Perfumery Sixteen92 has created a line of products that were inspired by literature, history, and magic. Their Salem Collection includes blends named after historical figures involved in the Salem Witch Trials. Mercy Lewis, named after an accuser, features heliotrope, rosehips, and sandalwood. Sarah Good, named after one of the first three women who was hanged in the trials, has a mysterious and melancholy scent: smoky, earthy, and with a hint of citrus. Each one of these perfumes tells a story about a dark chapter of American history. They also happen to carry a huge variety of other Halloween-inspired scents that tend to sell out very quickly.

Dirty Violet

Heretic Parfum calls this fragrance their “bewitching gender-bending blend.” It was created in partnership with drag queen Violet Chachki, and it has all the glamour, mystery, and style you can imagine. With notes like violet leaf, patchouli, and cedarwood, this perfume captures all the elegance of autumn.

Fireside Story

One of For Strange Women’s favorite blends, this perfume has smoky, woodsy notes, with a hint of vanilla – perfect, as they say, for a ghost story by the fire. You can also check out their Halloween Gift Guide, which features all their perfumes and other items that are a perfect match for this magical season.

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