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An open book with multi-colored tabs sticking out of the pages.



Whether you’re reading in the bath or annotating your favorite book, bookish accessories can help you make the most of your experience. Here are a few cool tools for readers.

Book Light

If you like to read past your bedtime, you need a handy dandy book light. This rechargeable light, made by Amber, can save your eyes from straining without bothering anyone else nearby. Bonus? The amber light creates a reading-by-candlelight ambiance and won’t affect your circadian rhythm.

Annotation Set

Annotating a book can increase your reading retention while you mark your favorite scenes and quotes. You can use sticky note tabs, highlighters, or these handy flags made by Toosunny. Everyone annotates differently, using different colors to symbolize quotes, shocking moments, spicy scenes, or character development. Feel free to come up with your own annotation method!

Bath Caddy

Do you want to read in the bath but you’re worried about dropping your book in the bubbles? Invest in a bath caddy to hold your book or e-reader for you. This caddy from Wayfair even has a spot for your beverage, so you can really kick back and relax while you soak. Imagine how clean you’ll get with everything you need so close at hand!

A Book Journal

Track your reading journey this year with a book journal. You can find inspiration to create your own on Pinterest or buy a premade book journal. Track your page count, your reviews, and upcoming new releases you’re excited about. It’s a fun way to remember what you read and take a look back at the new authors and favorites you discovered over time.

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