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Freshly cut bread at Fusion in Irvine, California



If you're going to be at home, why not spend an afternoon in the kitchen baking? Our apartments in Irvine, CA, are a great place to bake! Baking bread can seem daunting if you've never tried it. But, with a little bravery, you can make great bread with ingredients that you already have.

Whether you're new to bread making or you're an experienced baker, here are three easy bread recipes you can try without going to the store.


If you've never made bread before, this recipe is a fantastic place to start. Baking bread seriously couldn't be easier than with this slow cooker recipe. While baking bread in a slow cooker may sound unusual, it's the only way to go if you're pinched for time. With minimal kneading and no rise time, you can make a loaf of bread in just a couple of hours.

Be sure to use at least a 6 quart (5.68 liters) slow cooker for best results. And, don’t forget to preheat your oven to brown the top of the bread when it's finished baking for a nice touch.


If you don't have yeast, don't worry! You can easily make tasty dinner rolls with no yeast using this guide. If you have yogurt sitting in the fridge, give it a try. These are some of the fluffiest and most satisfying dinner rolls around, and you'll love how easy they are to put together. For the best results, make dough balls about the size of a small egg.


If you're in the mood for something sweeter, try Joy's Easy Banana Bread recipe. This is a perfect dessert or breakfast item that you can make even if you have minimal baking experience.

With this recipe, you can use frozen or fresh bananas. Just make sure that they are soft and squishy. If you're feeling adventurous, try adding your favorite spices. Cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg go well with banana bread. Or, you can sprinkle in your favorite nuts. You can even try chocolate chips or a honey drizzle!

Contact us for more information about life at Fusion. Our Irvine apartments give you a great location and community filled with fun activities.


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