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Visit These Independent Bookstores in Phoenix

Curl Up with a Good Book at These Bookstores in Phoenix

With summer approaching, there's an ever-present temptation to sit poolside or in a park with a great book. Fortunately, there are plenty of independent bookstores near our Phoenix apartments that can help you find your next great read.

Not only can you discover your next favorite at these stops, but you can support local businesses and find community among the other patrons! Here are our favorite stops.

Changing Hands Bookstore

Changing Hands is a Phoenix staple, having opened in our community nearly 50 years ago! While its shelves are filled with all of the bestselling stories you'd expect, it's also very unique in that it houses the First Draft Book Bar. Here you can read and be refreshed with a beverage of your choice. While Changing Hands is great for some casual shopping, you can also get more involved by joining a book club. These groups are a great way to meet people in the community and build reading into your routine.


If you're not looking to explore the bar scene alongside your books, Grassrootz might be the solution. This locally owned bookstore offers patrons access to their delicious juice bar. You can browse page after page without ever feeling parched!

Dog-Eared Pages

Our last pick is Dog-Eared Pages, the perfect place to find used and affordable book selections. While new books are special in their own right, there's something especially fun about reading a story that you know has been enjoyed by others before you. This shop also makes an effort to stock rare, independently published, out-of-print/hard-to-find reads! Every visit is like a treasure hunt that's sure to end in a great story.

We hope you've made room in your Phoenix apartment for an extra bookshelf! For tips on home decorations or other fun activities in our area, check out our blog. If you want to join our community at The Tessera, contact us to schedule a tour.


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