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If you have a hankering to get out and do a little traveling (and who doesn’t these days?), then consider making your hotel part of the draw to your destination, rather than just a place to sleep in between busy days of sightseeing. There are countless themed hotels across the country that will make your stay in a new place all the more enjoyable. Here are a few to consider.

Dog Bark Park Inn

Head to Cottonwood, Idaho, to see this regional attraction. The bed and breakfast is shaped like a beagle that features unique art by owners and chainsaw artists Dennis and Frances who have been featured on QVC and HGTV. Part of the charm of the Dog Bark Park Inn is their commitment to the simple joys of life. While they do offer free WiFi, you won’t find television or phones here. Instead, they provide board games, puzzles, and books. And yes, pets are welcome for a small fee.

Legoland Hotel

If you love Legos, you’ll definitely need to add this hotel to your must-see list. It’s perfectly situated at Legoland in Carlsbad, California, giving you the full Lego experience day and night. There are different themes in each room, from Pirate to Adventure, as well as in-room scavenger hunts and free Master Model Builder Workshops. And don’t forget the free breakfast buffet available 7 days a week.

McMenamins Kennedy School

This hotel just outside of Portland, Oregon, will take you back in time. It was converted from an elementary school built in 1915 and you’ll see the efforts to preserve its history in every detail from the long, wooden benches lining the hallways to the art they’ve chosen to feature. You’ll particularly love the designs painted on the walls, the in-house brewery, and their onsite movie theater. This is part of a chain of historic hotels around Oregon that all share this whimsical charm.

Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort

Next time you’re in California’s wine country, stay for a couple nights at this incredibly fun bed and breakfast. All the rooms are train cars, each one elegantly decorated with old-fashioned details reminiscent of the glory days of railroad travel. It’s just off the shore of Clear Lake, so you’ll have plenty to do and see during your stay.

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