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Woman in a studio learning to play the piano | music schools near Phoenix

Start the New Year with Lessons from These Music Schools in Phoenix

Another year, another bunch of new year's resolutions. If you are among the people who resolved to learn a musical instrument this year, do not waste another minute! These music schools near our apartments in Phoenix will have you laying out a tune in no time.

The Note Room Academy of Music and Arts

The Note Room Academy of Music and Arts operates as a private music studio offering private piano, violin, voice, as well as drum lessons in Phoenix. Their classes are available to learners of any level of expertise and all ages. You will surely leave with various music skills depending on the lessons you take. These skills include reading and writing sheet music, playing and transcribing music elements, composing music, and improvising your music techniques. A 30-minute weekly lesson will set you back $30, a 45-minute slot will cost $43.75, and the hour-long weekly lesson will cost you $57.50.

Desert Ridge Music Academy

The Desert Ridge Music Academy promises fun and educational experiences to learners of all ages. The school offers lessons that focus on strings, piano, drums, guitar, woodwinds, and brass, among other instruments. Furthermore, they arrange for students to perform with other musicians. You can also be part of their weekly jam sessions, recitals, and concerts.

Prestige Music Academy

The Prestige Music Academy is centrally located in Phoenix at the Commerce Center. This school promises its students top-notch music lessons. There are voice, guitar, piano, cello, violin, ukulele, and drums lessons. Their instructors are also well-tuned in various music genres, including rock, classic, bluegrass, opera, and folk. After every four to six months of lessons, you can expect to be part of a planned Prestige Music Academy concert. Their prices are also friendly, and they have high-quality musical instruments.

After your lessons at one of these music schools in Phoenix, reward your commitment by treating yourself to some good food from these local Italian restaurants. If you want to call The Tessera home, contact us. We would love to give you a tour of our incredible Phoenix apartments.


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