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Warmer weather is finally here, and with it comes the urge to clear out and clean as you prepare for the new season. If you’re itching to get started with spring cleaning, here are a few tips and tricks to add to your routine.

Declutter as You Go

Here’s one of the golden rules of deep cleaning: if it’s not there, you don’t have to put it away or clean it. As you begin the process of spring cleaning, one of the most important tasks to complete is to immediately box up any items you no longer want and donate them to a local thrift shop. Organize and contain what’s left, putting items in their proper place. And be sure to put away seasonal items in an area where they won’t be in the way until you need them again.

Organize Your Cleaning Products

This one might surprise you, but it’s an important part of spring cleaning. Many people find that they collect more cleaning products than they actually need over the course of a year. The truth is, you don’t need a special product for every single task. Find a good multipurpose cleaner for mirrors, windows, and surfaces, a few microfiber cloths, a good pair of rubber gloves, and that should cover most of your needs. Give anything you no longer need to friends or neighbors.

Go Task-By-Task

While many people tackle spring cleaning one room at a time, consider going task-by-task instead. For instance, clean all the windows at once. Change all the beds at the same time, put all the winter clothes away, and vacuum everything in one go. By doing this, you don’t have to keep putting away your cleaning or storage supplies and then getting them out again for every single room.

Put a Checklist Together

Create a checklist spreadsheet or make a pretty spring cleaning to-do list using an app like Canva that you can update each year. Being organized will help you achieve your cleaning goals each time spring rolls around.

Don’t Forget the Details

Spring cleaning is all about the details – all the little things that tend to be neglected throughout the year. Clean up your cutting boards, wipe down those dirty oven racks, shake out the curtains, and don’t forget to disinfect your cell phone!

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