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Explore Your Taste Buds at these 3 Unique Phoenix Restaurants

Sample Decadent Dishes at These Phoenix Restaurants

Although Phoenix is popularly known for Southwestern dishes, the avalanches of restaurants reflect the city's growing culinary diversity. From local dishes like barbacoa and tortas to international Mexican and Brazilian cuisines, the meals served at these three unique restaurants near our apartments in Phoenix are guaranteed to wow your taste buds.


Kai is among the few unique restaurants in Phoenix that offer the full Native American dining experience. Managed by three top chefs, this restaurant has a little bit of everything for different taste preferences. Some excellent dishes served at this magnificent food joint include seared prairie squab, scarlet runner beans, cholla buds, grilled buffalo tenderloin with smoked corn puree, and saguaro blossom syrup. Get to enjoy the most earthy-yet-ethereal food at KAI's patio with a view over the Estrella Mountains.

Binkley's Restaurant

Binkley's restaurant is the go-to place for a fun and creative dining experience in all of Phoenix. Located in a historic midtown home, this restaurant offers a variety of dishes to sample for the entire evening. The diner starts on the patio, moves onto the bar area, and concludes in the elegant dining room. Guests also enjoy a full view of the chef and staff in action through the open kitchen layout.

Pizzeria Bianco

Bianco's traditional Neapolitan pizza crust is listed as one of the best pizza destinations in the country by New York critics. Through a wood-fired brick oven, the restaurant makes various masterpieces from scratch using the finest ingredients. Demand for Bianco pizza is always high, so the restaurant recently opened up a second location at the Town & Country Shopping Center. Also, reservations are usually for six or more parties.

Phoenix is jam-packed with interesting restaurants and wonderful coffee shops. Experience the comfort, service, and luxury you need to blend into the city at The Tessera. Contact us today to book a tour of our Phoenix apartments or for more information on our services.


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