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Remember in Interstellar when Matthew McConoughy’s character, Cooper, falls into the tesseract and manipulates time to communicate with his daughter, Murphy Brown? Now you can have your own tesseract adventures, from the comfort of your The Tessera apartment.

Big LED RGB Tesseract HyperCube

Handmade in Ukraine (where all the best glowing tesseracts originate), this unique lighted offering glows with dozens of colors thanks to its LED tape construction. Check out the video, and then hit up Etsy to order your own. Only $315!

Tesseract Infinite LED Hypercube With Music Sync

Take your tesseract display to the next level with this light-up option from Trancentral. Made from plexiglass with inward-facing semi-transparent mirror film, it appears to be an ordinary mirrored cube when turned off. But flip the switch and your cube will come to life, offering a “breathtaking fourth-dimension representation in our world.” Whoa. Available in three sizes, from 8 to 16 inches, prices start at a cool $449.99.

Tesseract Hypercube Infinity Mirror Art Sculpture

Made to order, this tesseract will steal the show at your next get-together. Running a cool $6,500, it’s not for the tesseract dabbler. Are you hardcore enough? We think so.

Craftmade Tesseract 8 Light Chandelier

Light up your home – and your tesseract sculpture collection – from above with this handsome tesseract chandelier. Only $427.50! Made from distressed oak and steel, it features eight bulbs arranged in a mystical Merkaba blob at its center. A handful of those hip Edison bulbs would really set it off. Or perhaps some of these cool chrome-tipped bulbs.

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