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 Woman hiking in the desert with cacti around her.



Whether you’re new to the Phoenix area or just looking for new scenic hikes to enjoy on the fly, we’ve got your back. Here are four local hiking destinations to enjoy this spring. 

Papago Park

Close to home and great for beginners, this hike starts at Papago Park. Peer through rocks and around rocks, and have a great look at the city skyline from above, with a variety of dirt trails that are easy enough for newbies and beautiful enough for all to enjoy, again and again. 

Usery Mountain Regional Park

For a bit of an added challenge, try one of the longer trails at Mountain Regional Park. Blevins offers a 3-mile loop and is relatively flat, with idyllic Sonoran Desert views. If you’re just getting familiar with the area, this trail is a great place to introduce yourself to the local flora and fauna of the Phoenix area. 

South Mountain Park 

For more experienced hikers, hit the renowned Hidden Valley Trail at South Mountain Park & Preserve. The trail has petroglyphs, rock formations, and a natural tunnel for a unique hiking experience. Getting to the Hidden Valley loop is the hardest part, with access from Mormon Trailhead, which requires some steep leg work. But it’s totally worth it! 

Lost Dutchman State Park

Need more of a challenge? Get your hiking gear ready for the long trek at Siphon Draw Trail to Flatiron, in Lost Dutchman State Park, for a 6-mile out and back walk. The trail will keep you on your toes – at some points the grade is so steep you need to use your hands and knees and traverse a bit of unmarked trail to reach the top. Once there, you’ll have some epic views of the area to enjoy.

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