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Hole in the Rock geological formation in Phoenix, Arizona



Are you new to Phoenix or just the Valley of the Sun’s coolest new apartment community? Either way, chances are you need an off-beat activity to fill your day now and then. Check out our guide to cool, unusual things to do around town.

Her Secret is Patience

Named for a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, this art installation by Janet Echelman certainly is no secret – it’s 145 feet tall and hovers 100 feet above Phoenix Civic Space Park. But it’s also super unique! Created in partnership with artists and a team of engineers, fabricators, planners, and architects, the art installation is made of a combination of fibers and dances and moves in the breeze. Definitely worth a gander.

Mystery Castle

You’ve probably already heard of this fascinating place. Built in the 1930s, this crazy castle was constructed of found and inexpensive materials like stone, adobe, and car parts and is held together by a mix of mortar, cement, calcium, and goat’s milk. Yum!


Sounds like maybe this is going be a hole in a rock – and that’s exactly what it is! In other words, it’s a rock, and it has a hole in it. Head to Papago Park and take a hike to peek this unusual rock formation for yourself.

You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies

This surreal art installation at the Phoenix Art Museum is something to behold. Created by Yayoi Kusama, this permanent installation uses 250 dangling LED lights of alternating color to create an immersive interstellar experience. Entering the 25-square-foot space is your chance to be the star you know you are. As Kusama says in her artist’s statement, “Become one with eternity. Obliterate the personality. Our earth is only one polka dot among the millions of stars in the cosmos.”

Find more amazing places to check out in the cosmos – and especially in Phoenix – at the Tessera blog.


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