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A white bathtub with flower petals floating in the water holds a tray with fruit, flowers, and a glass of wine, while an open book sits on the edge of the tub.



Get two for the price of one, so to speak, when you buy furnishings and accessories for your home that add flair to your space, while also lifting your mood. Here are four of our current favorites.

Bath Tray

Add spa vibes to your bathroom with a bath tray for your tub. Use it to hold a pretty plant, a scented candle, and your favorite bath bomb or scented oil. You’ll be inspired to soak and relax in a soothing bath, and will have the perfect spot to set your favorite beverage and some decadent snacks while you indulge in some quality “me time,” and let the stress melt away.

A Cheerful Door Mat

Entertain yourself and your guests with an inviting or funny door mat that means you’ll always enter the house with a grin. Extend some Southern hospitality, make your pup part of the gag, or just straight up go for laughs. You’ll be setting the tone for your home from the first moment you (or anyone else) arrive.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Add a natural, earthy touch to your decor, and possibly some healing energy with the addition of a Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps are typically carved from a large piece of pink salt that creates a rosy gold glow when illuminated. They’re striking accessories whether they’re on or off, and it’s said they’re natural ionizers, helping to clean the air and provide health benefits when the lightbulb warms the salt.

Shower Curtains With Pizazz

Forget that boring old shower curtain that’s just a solid color or humdrum pinstripes. Go with something bold and interesting that reflects your personality and brings life to what can otherwise be a bland room. Whether you’re a cat lover, into superheroes and monsters, inspired by nature, or just dig vibrant graphic prints, there’s a curtain that will fit your style and bring a smile to your face whenever you walk into the bathroom.

Upgrade your everyday with any of these items, and find more great lifestyle suggestions in the Encore Tessera blog.


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