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Collection of musical instruments at the Musical Instrument Museum near Cactus Forty-2 in Phoenix, Arizona



Culture is right around the corner for residents of the Cactus Forty-2 Apartments. One of the many venues for art and culture in our community is the Musical Instrument Museum. Learn about the evolution of musical instruments from all over the world with the museum's extensive collection.

A History of Harmony

The Musical Instrument Museum is on a mission to preserve the history and evolution of music, and the instruments used to create it. From ancient instruments, to those owned by modern popular artists, visitors to the museum get to experience the sounds of music from all over the world.

Music From the Middle East to Memphis

The Museum features galleries based on the music of each continent. One of the newest galleries is the Cultural Aesthetics, a gallery that pairs costume, with the music of the same time period. Costumes and clothing from the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and the American continents are featured, along with the instruments that would have been played. It doesn't end there! Travel the world, experiencing the distinct sights and sounds of each region in all the geographic galleries.

Modern Favorites

Do you have a favorite artist. Maybe they have their own gallery! Visit your favorite artists, like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, and even current ones like Taylor Swift and Maroon 5. These galleries display instruments played by these artists, as well as footage and artifacts from their careers.

Special Events

Music is a celebration, and the museum regularly hosts special events to honor different aspects of music. Events like "Experience Scandinavia" highlight regional music from around the world. Other events address how music relates to education, or blend different genres of art like music and dance.

Phoenix is home to a thriving cultural scene, and we'd love to tell you more. Please contact us today.