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Game night is a beloved tradition by many – a great way to enjoy oneself, fill up on delicious food, and spend time with friends. If you’re looking for just the right place to catch the next big Cardinals or Suns game, check out these locations.

Tailgaters & Il Primo

If you want a prime spot to enjoy the game, head to Tailgaters & Il Primo on Lake Pleasant Parkway. They have plenty of well-placed television sets, fully outfitted with all the best sports packages. And of course, their menu features everything you’d want to snack on during game night: wings, burgers and fries, pizza, hot dogs, hoagies, and more. This restaurant is the perfect blend of sports bar and casual Italian eatery.

Lakeside Bar & Grill

Lakeside offers some of the best game nights in all of Peoria. With wide-screen TVs suspended from the ceiling all over the restaurant, there isn’t a place you can sit where you won’t get a great view of the game. Its clean, modern, minimalist design keeps the focus where it should be. Their menu is just what a sports fan is looking for – but with a Southwestern twist. (Try the Arizona burger, made with pepper jack cheese, bacon, and housemade jalapeño jam.) They also carry more than two dozen varieties of beer, as well as a solid selection of wine and cocktails.

Headquarters Grill Bar Sushi

This sports bar has made a name for itself with its unique menu offerings and high-end, energetic vibe. Sushi at a sports bar? Yep! They’ve got all the traditional varieties, including some unique additions, like the Arizona Roll, which includes tuna, salmon, eel sauce, and tempura crunch, or the Rattlesnake, which features tuna and salmon in a fried tortilla with cream cheese and avocado. They also have an incredible selection of other dishes from around the globe, as well as classic comfort foods like macaroni and cheese. And everything is impeccably plated. There’s a full bar, 32 taps, and over 60 high-definition TVs, making this a prime spot for game night!

Albatross Bar & Grill

Head over to Peoria Pines Golf’s Albatross Bar & Grill for a great place to view the game with your buds. They have a great selection of beer and the perfect food for game night, as well as seven big-screen televisions to showcase the night’s games.

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