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Two young women carry a sofa with stairs in the background.



Summer is the busiest time of year for moving. Whether you’re relocating across town or across the country, there’s likely at least a few (and sometimes many) stairs you’ll have to navigate along the way. Then after you get there, you may buy a new sofa, dresser, mattress, or patio table to complete your new home. Here are the easiest ways to get bulky or heavy furniture up and down stairs.

Disassemble It

When possible, use brains instead of brawn. Before you attempt to manhandle something massive along an obstacle course of stairs, take a look and see if it can be disassembled. The separate pieces will be easier and safer to move (and fit more easily into a smaller vehicle for transport). Wrap the pieces in moving blankets or bubble wrap to protect them in transit, and be sure to put any small pieces and all screws and bolts into a zippered bag that you tape to the underside or interior of the piece to ensure they’re not misplaced. Use painter’s tape to label pieces if you think reassembly may be complicated.

Use a Moving Strap

If you have a friend or partner to help you move, a moving strap is a clever newfangled way of lifting heavier items without murdering your back. It’s basically a harness-like contraption that distributes the weight between two people and lets you leverage the laws of physics and the strength of your legs to lift and carry items. Here’s a demonstration. You can buy moving straps online or just about anywhere moving supplies are sold. Be sure the weight limit of your strap is sufficient for the item(s) you’ll be carrying.

Meet Your New Best Friend: A Stair-Climbing Hand Truck

Who knew such a thing existed? Well it does, and it makes a HUGE difference when it comes to getting items up and down stairs. While a traditional hand truck or dolly can also be helpful for getting items up and down stairs, a stair climbing hand truck has a three wheel or tri-star configuration at the bottom on each side. This allows it to roll more easily up and down stairs and results in less bumping and jerking as you move from stair to stair, which helps stabilize the load.

Hire Professional Movers

Sometimes professional help is the best (or only) option. Yes – movers are pricey. But if cost is an inhibitor, you don’t need to have them pack and carry every cup, bowl, plate, and stick of furniture. You can transport everything smaller and more manageable yourself, and just have the pros handle the items that are too large for you and your friends to carry safely.

We hope your move goes smoothly and you love your new place or your new furniture. For more pointers on living well in Peoria, Arizona, take a look at Ocio Plaza del Rio’s other blog posts.