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Four people sit in a row at a martial arts class, dressed in white robes and with different colored belts on

Learn Self-defense at Peoria's Martial Arts Teaching Centers

Martial arts is a fantastic sport and is great for learning self-defense skills. Additionally, it improves your fitness, flexibility, and endurance. If you’re interested in classes, here are our top picks near our Peoria Apartments.

Destiny Martial Arts Academy

This academy offers various classes to accommodate different skill levels. Whatever your goal is, they help you reach them. Their instructors can help you build strength and endurance, while teaching you other useful skills. Also, Destiny Martial Arts Academy is family owned and operated, so you're sure to experience the best quality and service. All ages are welcome.

Peoria Martial Arts Center

Friendly trainers, cleanliness, and a vibrant environment perfectly describe Peoria Martial Arts Center. You'll meet expert trainers that guarantee that you’ll reach your goals as long as you’re committed. When you enroll, they’ll work with you to figure out your goals so you can receive the most effective lessons. Some of the things they work with include weight loss, self-esteem, and socialization. Peoria Martial Arts Center also accepts all ages, with programs tailored to suit each group.

Millennium Martial Arts

Millennium Martial Arts offers some of the best self-defense classes in Peoria. From individuals to groups, they have classes for everyone. If you're a pro or an athlete, you'll learn skills to elevate your career to world-class levels. And if you're a newbie, they'll set you on your path to martial arts mastery and earning black belts. Their professional trainers uphold meaningful client-trainer engagements for the optimum experience.

If you're looking for other fun activities, try golfing at these Peoria golf courses. For more information about attractions in our fantastic neighborhood, contact us at Ocio Plaza del Rio for a tour.


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