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Women planting green seedlings, indoors.



It’s spring, which means it’s time to get ready for the gardening season. It’s easy to grow small plants – even vegetables – indoors, and you can also try your hand at outdoor container gardening, which gives you a little more space and sunlight with which to work.

Either one you choose, get started with these tips.

Plan What Supplies You’ll Need

Are you going to create a small windowsill garden? Are you looking for something to create more beauty in your outdoor spaces? Or a little of both? Decide what you want your garden space to look like, then make a list of the items you’ll need. Don’t forget to consider pots that are big enough to allow for root growth and soil that’s specifically formulated for indoor plants and/or container gardening. You might even want a few tools like a small spade. You can find everything you’ll need at Lowe’s on West Thunderbird Road.

Purchase Seeds

You don’t have to start with seeds, but many people love to cultivate their garden from seed to harvest. Pick up seeds for your favorite plants at Ruggiero’s Ace Hardware on Cactus Road. You can try vegetables and herbs if you have plans for making a culinary garden, or you can plant flowers that will bring color and beauty into your home and outdoor spaces. Even better, cultivate both – the flowers will attract pollinators, and some varieties will keep away the insects that might be eager to get a taste of your vegetables.

Pick Out a Few Starts

If you’re anxious to get started on creating your garden space and don’t want to wait for seeds to germinate, pick up some plant starts from SummerWinds Nursery. They have an incredible selection of flowers, vegetables, and herbs that will give you immediate gratification. You can enjoy these indoors, as a windowsill garden, or arrange them in large pots for an outdoor display. Be sure to browse SummerWinds’ website, as they have an extensive database of gardening information specifically tailored to this region.

Create Your Garden Spaces

Finally, all that’s left is the most enjoyable part: setting up your garden spaces. Create the windowsill garden that best suits your needs and highlights your decorative style. And if you’re going for an outdoor container garden, check out these tips from The Home Depot.

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