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A sunset picture of the desert with a tall cactus in the foreground and mountains in the distance



Taking day trips as a part of a regular travel routine equals a low-key, low-stress strategy when it comes to venturing out and into the grand region that surrounds Ocio Plaza Del Rio. Plus, there is no need to pack and unpack when it comes to exploring the variety of Arizona landscapes within a day trip of your front door. Here’s our list of the best spots to go see now.

Giant Cacti at Saguaro National Park

Desert vistas? Check. Remote feel? You bet. Giant cacti? Double-check. That last one – cacti – is probably the most known feature of the Arizona landscape. Beautiful and tree-like, the Saguaro is found only in the Sonoran Desert and, within the national park, there are plenty of spots to stand among these giants, capture adventurous selfies, and unreal photos.

Sublime Sedona

Ah, Sedona. While its reputation leans toward healing and spiritual energy, there’s plenty more reasons to take a quick day trip to Sedona, like art galleries, wineries, and outdoor adventures. Best of all, regardless of your focus when visiting, you will feel transformed when you leave. Maybe it’s the jaw-dropping beauty of the canyons and mountains or maybe it’s the combination of everything that makes Sedona a special spot on the planet. Either way, Sedona nourishes the soul.

Perfectly Cool Prescott

If you prefer to spend your time off kayaking, fishing, boating, or floating, then a day trip to Prescott should be on your list. Just under two hours from Peoria is Prescott’s Watson Lake – cool and perfect for lounging your day away under the Arizona sun. Blue waters, a jumble of granite boulders, and trails that lead deeper into the landscape frame your view, and when the day is over, be sure to visit downtown’s historic district for a craft brew and a burger.

Step Back in Time at Petrified Forest National Park

Take a stroll through history in Petrified Forest National Park. While a bit longer (three and a half hours) away, a visit here is worth the drive and your time. The park spans more than 200,000 acres with access to some of the best concentrations of petrified forest found anywhere else on Earth. Plus, there are other stunning sights, like the unforgettable Painted Desert where every hue is represented.

History & Culture at Montezuma Castle National Monument

Not far from home is likely one of the most unknown spots to view the preservation of Native American culture. The cliff dwellings that are the centerpiece to this monument were inhabited by the Sinagua people, who lived in this 20-room building from about 600 A.D. through 1450. If you go, be sure to visit the various archaeological sites and sit in on a ranger talk.

Looking for more fun things to do in and around Peoria? Keep track of our Ocio Plaza Del Rio blog for more ideas.


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