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Treat Yourself to the Best Chicken in Gilbert

Gilbert has your back if you want a place to quench your chicken cravings. This neighborhood is home to the most reputable chicken restaurants ready to serve you your mouth-watering chicken and salads with locally sourced ingredients. Below we have compiled the top-rated chicken restaurants near our apartments in Gilbert.

Henhouse Café

The Henhouse Café is a family joint that has been serving the locals for over a decade. If you are an early riser, this restaurant has got you as they operate from 6:30 am till late. They offer the best local delicacies, from egg delectable to crispy chicken and waffles, at pocket-friendly prices. They have a fantastic team with great stories to tell since they hail from the local area. Giving back to the community by donating food, time, and precious resources have been great for them all year round. They have a 10% discount for service people and a special 15% discount on military Mondays.

Cogburn's Big Wings

Cogburn's Big Wings are a homely joint that offers more than just chicken. If you are looking for a quick lunch, wind down after work, or a one-last stop for a late-night drink, look no further. They are stocked with over 30 hot wing sauces, including hot honey mustard, peanut butter and jelly, and raspberry chipotle. It's a great place to enjoy yourself with friends or make new ones.

Joe's Farm Grill

Joe's Farm Grill is an excellent restaurant for local organic food. With most of their ingredient sourced from their farm, you are guaranteed indubitable quality. They focus on typical food made uncommonly well with trans-free oils for frying, dressing, and marinades.

After you chow down on some delicious chicken in Gilbert, indulge in some local ice cream. Gilbert is called the "Valley of the sun," with amazing landscapes and excellent weather. It is an epitome of beauty and elegance, especially with our apartments in Gilbert boasting urban simplicity and suburban serenity. Contact us if you have questions or if you'd like to book a tour.


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