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Dog looks up at a person holding a tennis ball in a Gilbert dog park

The Best Dog Parks in Gilbert, Arizona

There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Gilbert. As much as your dog enjoys living in luxury in your pet-friendly Town Commons apartment, they’re also sure to enjoy being outdoors where they can run around, chase a ball, bark at the local squirrels, and meet new doggie friends.

That's why we've rounded up three places where your dog is sure to have a ball—in more ways than one!

Cosmo Dog Park

Ranked #1 in the Gilbert area by Yelp reviewers, Cosmo Dog Park is praised for having divided areas depending on your individual pet's needs. There are areas with access to the lake, dry runs, and also specially fenced-off areas for small or timid dogs.

The well-lit park provides drinking fountains and even dog-washing stations for muddy pets (bring your own dog shampoo). And, of course, there are plenty of bags and large trash receptacles for that all-important clean-up duty.

Crossroads Park

Sitting at #2 on the Yelp list, Crossroads Park offers plenty of play opportunities for any pup. Reviewers say it has "... a giant swimming pond, a diving peer, obstacles, plenty of running room, and a whole lot of other dogs." There's a completely separate play area for smaller dogs so they can have fun too, without worrying about being run over by the big guys. The amenities are similar to Cosmo dog park.

Countryside Park

Countryside Park offers an off-leash area for dogs to run around. If your pup is timid, there is a separately fenced-off area where they can enjoy themselves, while the active doggies have fun in their own section. Rest on a park bench while your pup plays with their new friends. There are also water fountains for both humans and dogs available so that it’s easy to cool off on a hot day under the Arizona sun.

After a fun and eventful day at your favorite dog park, you and your pet will be glad to return to the cool yet cozy luxury of your apartment in Town Commons. Relax by the spacious windows and enjoy the sense of community you feel here, or check out another outdoor activity in Gilbert. Not a resident yet? Contact us to schedule a tour!


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