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Young woman trimming a dog’s fur | Gilbert’s best pet groomers

Gilbert’s Best Pet Groomers Offer Luxe Treatment for Your Pets

Pamper Your Pup at Gilbert's Best Pet Groomers

Are you in the mood to give your pet some extra love? Start with these fantastic groomers located within five miles of our pet-friendly Gilbert Apartments at Town Commons.

Jeannie's Grooming

Jeannie has been serving Gilbert's fur babies for 42 years. She greets them enthusiastically and cares for them with genuine concern. 

She's meticulous and offers teeth brushing, bathing, and shampooing. Your furry friend can also get their nails done and get stylish hair cuts. Whether your dog or cat is playful or a special needs pet, Jeannie's Grooming will cater to them with TLC and expertise. Other services include ear cleaning, tick and flea dips, and hand drying.

Aardbark Grooming

Your dog will look and smell fantastic after a visit to Aardbark Grooming. Their veterinarian-approved team is friendly and loving and offers personalization to fit every need. Aardvark's dog grooming package includes bath, ear cleaning, cologne, and bandanas or bows. They also offer puppy trims, doodle grooming, and pet baths and have been in Gilbert for over 40 years. 


Your furry friend will feel like royalty at PawsAttraction, with a bow or treat bag on every visit. You can choose their special, spa, or spoiled packages. The latter includes coat-enhancing shampoo, an upgraded massage bath, and breath spray. You can also opt for their a la carte options if you bathe your pet at home.

PawsAttraction grooms rescued pets for free and is also an accredited Animal Behavior College for pets awaiting adoption.

Let your pet flaunt their good looks at these Gilbert dog parks. To find a fantastic place to live, please talk to us. We'll help you find your dream home in our Gilbert Apartments.