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Spring is coming, and that means green, growing things are starting to bloom around every corner. If you’re looking to bring some springtime happiness to your home but are short on space, here’s a list of three early spring plants that thrive in pots.


Nothing says spring quite like a bunch of tulips. While they’re beautiful as cut flowers, they thrive in pots – and potted, they last a whole lot longer. Normally you need to plant tulips in the fall to have them bloom in spring, but this time of year you should be able to find some beautiful, already flowering potted tulips at your local nursery. Buy them potted, keep them watered all season, and then store the bulbs to use again next year.


You know that fancy green leafy thing that seems to be showing up in healthy meals all over the place? That leafy green is called kale, and in addition to being great for you, it’s also delicious. Kale also happens to thrive in a pot, and tolerates even the coldest early spring temperatures. When planting kale, choose a pot that’s at least 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep to give this plant the perfect amount of room to grow.


Chive plants are beautiful, with long, vividly green stalks topped with purple puffball flowers. The sight alone is enough to have you thinking of springtime, but chives are also a fantastic culinary herb you can use to spice up your cooking. If you’re looking to harvest chives quickly, try to buy them as a small plant. Most garden centers or nurseries will likely have chives early in the season. You can also plant this herb from seed, but it will be almost a full year before it’s big enough to harvest.

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