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Man drinking pumpkin spice latte near Redstone at SanTan Village



It’s fall. And we all know what that means: It’s pumpkin spiced latte season! Hate it or love it, PSLs are part of our social consciousness. If you love it, here are the three places in Gilbert, Arizona to find the best pumpkin spiced latte. If you hate it, well, what did you click on the link for?


Okay look, we know: Starbucks is the most basic of coffee shops, but hear us out! We picked Starbucks as a stand-in for all the average coffee shops out there. It’s quick, it’s easy, and they're on just about every street corner! So swinging by and grabbing your PSL treat of a drink is as easy as hopping in your car and pulling up to their drive through window.

Downtown Chandler Café and Bakery

Is this pumpkin spiced latte worth a 15 minutes drive? Yes. Yes, it is. While Downtown Chandler Café and Bakery has some great food we highly recommend, this latte will knock your socks off. Not too spicy, not too sweet – it’s the Goldilocks of lattes!

Top Fuel Espresso

This family owned little jewel of a coffee shop is for the coffee connoisseur. With beans from Africa to Asia, it’s no wonder Top Fuel is one of the best lattes you’ll find on this side of Phoenix. This PSL is why you don’t go to a national chain or buy a K-cup from the store. This latte is all natural, made in-house with no preservatives, and get this: it’s made from real pumpkin puree and 100% real spices! We’re getting thirsty just thinking about it.

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