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A rainbow-colored Pikachu Pop It on a dark surface.



If you’re a fan of Eevee and the numerous Eeveelutions, you’re probably pretty hyped for the new Evolving Skies card set release. While you’re stoked about pulling one of the coveted full art alternate holofoils, let’s take a second to discuss the rank of each Eeveelution. This list takes into account the Pokemon’s skill sets, weakness, and general cool factor.

8. Sylveon

Sylveon is a fairy-type Pokemon that brings a My Little Pony vibe to the Eeveelution group. As far as stats go, Sylveon is a top-tier fighter in most iterations of the Pokemon video games as well as the card game. But there’s something unsettling about its appearance that has us ranking Sylveon so low. The ribbon designs on Sylveon are prehensile feelers. Sylveon looks a lot less cute when you consider the bowtie is made of flesh.

7. Flareon

Flareon is known for being one of the more useless of the Eeveelution bunch. It has low HP, Defense, and it’s slow. As far as cool factor, Flareon might win a competition for fluffiest Eeveelution. The design overall isn’t bad, it’s just not the most exciting compared to the rest.

6. Glaceon

Glaceon is pretty adorable in terms of Pokemon design, but what it has in cute factor, it lacks in stats. It’s an ice-type Pokemon, meaning it has four elemental weaknesses and only resists other ice Pokemon. Glaceon’s attacks are super effective against dragon-type Pokemon, so there’s some use there, just not enough to rank any higher on this list.

5. Leafeon

You heard it here first, Leafeon is an underrated Pokemon. It has decent speed, attack, and defense. The only bummer is, being a grass-type pokemon, Leafeon is weak to five other power types. Still, it’s statistically superior to Glaceon, and boasts a more compelling design than Flareon.

4. Vaporeon

Vaporeon is a fresh design with super tanky stats that makes for a unique Eeveelution. With high defense and special defense, a Vaporeon is a good tank to outlast almost any opponent. And it looks pretty good doing it.

3. Jolteon

Jolteon, with it’s big electric spikes, is one of the coolest looking Eeveelutions as well as one of the best designed Pokemon of all time. As far as stats, Jolteon is known for being a glass cannon, meaning its job is to decimate the competition with high powered special attacks before they can hit back. It also resists three power types and has only one weakness – Ground type.

2. Espeon

Espeon is a psychic-type Pokemon with a double tail that emulates a sassy housecat. And that’s okay. Espeon is as formidable in battle as we’re sure it is demanding you refill the water bowl. It has a high special attack stat and is speedy. Essentially it does Jolteon’s job, just better. Which is why it ranks higher.

1. Umbreon

Umbreon is a dark-type Pokemon that is long-agreed to be the best of the Eeveelutions. It even ranked 5th in Pokemon of the Year in 2020. Umbreon is cool, versatile, and has balanced stats all around. Because of that, it’s an easy fit into any Poke-roster.

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