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Dachshund dog sleeping by feet of a woman on a couch



Trupanion, a pet insurance company, dug deep into its doggy database to sniff out the most common, unique, and flat-out fascinating puppy names they’ve seen. And, considering they insure more than 1 million pets throughout North America, they’ve seen it all. Here are some of the highlights from their list:

The Popular Names

A look at the top 10 list of most popular names reveals few surprises. We’ve all met a Bella, Buddy, or Daisy. No real mold-breakers here. Strangely, there are quite a few plain ole human names on this list. Molly? Maggie? Charlie? Step it up, people!

The Unique Names

This is where the names get good. Sir Willemstad of Curacao the Great Dane? Pure gold. Cookie Diablo the Yorkshire terrier? Amazing! Raisin Cain the miniature pinscher? Such witty wordplay! Kudos to these dogs’ humans.

The Celebrity Names

There are some solid picks covering celebrities of all types on this list. Kobe and LeBron for the basketball lovers. Chesney, Dre, Diddy, Gaga, and Adele for the music lovers. Beckham for the soccer crowd. Solid, all-encompassing list!

The Presidents

We won’t get political on you. We promise. Presidents of all political ideologies get love from this list.

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