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Woman eating a messy hamburger.



Who doesn’t love a tasty hamburger? Obviously not you. You’re reading this blog after all. With more than our fair share of burger joints here in Gilbert, Arizona, you may already have your favorite spots for picking up a good patty-bun combo. But what if your favorite burger spot is only your favorite burger spot because you haven’t tried all the burger spots in Gilbert? So, with your taste buds in mind, here are the five best burger joints in Gilbert. 

FIve Guys

Yes, we know. It’s a national chain that’s semi-fast food. How is Five Guys on a list of the best burger spots in Gilbert? Two reasons:

  1. Their burgers and fries are made from scratch, and they taste like it.

  2. Man cannot live off caviar alone. Sometimes you just want a quick and easy, no-frills burger.

For Five Guys, we’d suggest the standard cheeseburger with fries. Keep it simple and enjoy!

Liberty Market

Be sure to bring your appetite to Liberty Market because they make their burgers big. Here, we’d suggest the Tower Burger. This big boy is half-pound of local, natural, fresh ground chuck with tomatoes, red onions, shredded iceberg lettuce, garlic aioli, and pickles on a grilled Kona bun (cheese options include American, aged cheddar, and Monterey jack).

Joe’s Farm Grill

If you’ve already been to Joe’s Farm Grill, you can be forgiven for not venturing out on further burger hunts. Joe’s prides itself on using the best ingredients, including that ever-important all-natural beef. For this spot, we’d suggest the Fontina Burger. It consists of a 6-ounce patty, roasted red peppers, grilled mushrooms, fresh greens, farm-made pecan pesto, and Italian fontina.

Dog Haus Biergarten

This place is a marriage of all things awesome. Dog Haus is a German-themed restaurant that specializes in creating hand-crafted hormone- and antibiotic-free hot dogs, sausages, burgers,  plant-based proteins, and chicken. And if that weren’t enough, they’re all served on magnificent King’s Hawaiian rolls. Our burger pick is the Holy Aioli. Inside that sweet Hawaiian burger bun is a thick patty, white American cheese, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and garlic.

Arizona BBQ Company

We couldn’t make a list of burger joints in the southwest and not mention at least one barbecue spot. While our pick from the Arizona BBQ Company isn’t technically a hamburger due to the primary meat source being (SPOILER!) pork, variety is the spice of life. Our pick is the Pig Mac. This beast of a sandwich is made up of thick-cut smoked bacon and pulled pork topped with green chili and bacon filled mac ‘n’ cheese. Don’t hurt yourself running out the door.

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