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Right up there with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Prime Day is a now nationally-recognized shopping event that has shaken up the core of the retail industry in a big way. Don’t let all of the deals pass you by this Prime Day, June 21 and 22. Make the most of this annual shopping event with these five tips and tricks on how to prep and shop on the big days.

Become a Prime Member

Alright, this may be a given, but make sure you are an Amazon Prime member to reap the benefits of Prime Day! That’s right, you actually need to be a member to get those solid sale prices. Make the commitment and not only do you benefit from Prime Day, but also dozens of other benefits, like fast and free shipping, Prime Video, and Prime Music. First-time subscriber? There’s a 30-day free trial to take advantage of.

Download the App

Make sure to download the Amazon Prime app onto your phone. Once you have the app, you can sign up to receive alerts for when deals are activated, saving you the time from checking your phone or computer non-stop.

Make a List, Load Your Cart

Shopping sales can be intimidating and make you feel like you need all the things. I mean, who cannot pass up a good sale?! Make a list of items you have been needing or wanting, and stick to looking for deals on those items during Prime Day. Remember that Amazon items and devices typically go on deep discount during their sale. You can even go as far as adding them to your cart before the big day, then check to see what is on sale and what is not.

Don’t Hesitate

If there’s a killer deal and you’ve been wanting the item, don’t hesitate to click that “Buy Now” button. Oftentimes there’s a limited number of items available to be sold at the deal price, and some sales even have a time limit. For this reason, things tend to sell out quickly.

Check Out Other Stores

Plenty of other stores offer competing sales on Prime Day. Be sure you review your options, compare prices, and snag the best bargains!

Get your fingertips ready and mindset right for two days of shopping Prime deals. For more shopping advice and recommendations, check out our blog.