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An open storage container holds a disassembled holiday tree, decorative garland, and an angel tree-topper.



There’s a reason people leave lights up year-round. Where and how do you store holiday decorations without them being damaged or becoming a tangled mess? Tinsel, glitter, and fake snow abound in a recipe for a holiday nightmare if you don’t stow your decorations properly. The Redstone at SanTan Village has three tips to help you put your holiday decorations away safely this year.

Packing is Key

The magic is in the packing. Pack decorations in a way that makes sense and never try to cram too much into one container. Group mantle decor together in one box, front porch adornments in one, and ornaments all on their own. Stop by a home improvement store to pick up special boxes meant for storing oddly shaped, glitter bombed, fragile decorations. Check out these options at Lowes. For lights, you can use clips to store them in spools without having to worry about them getting tangled up.

Label Everything

When you put your boxes away, make sure everything is labeled so you know exactly what’s in each container. When you grab a box and bring it inside, you don’t have to stress about if it’s the holiday table setting box or Halloween decor. The labels don’t need to be fancy – just some painter’s tape and marker will get the job done and save you hours of aggravation next holiday season. Or you could also use colored boxes to categorize different seasons or items.

Stow Logically

Stored holiday boxes only need to be accessed once a year, so find a spot for them out of the way or in the far back of your storage area. The higher, the better (although if you have any items or boxes that are particularly heavy or unwieldy, put those where you can get them in and out safely. This way, you can fill more of your easily accessible storage space with all those fun holiday gifts you just received and plan to use all year long.

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