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A frustrated man digs through his wardrobe looking for clothing, with several items thrown over his head and shoulders



Why is it that no matter how large your home is and how many closets and cabinets you have, there never seems to be quite enough storage space? Unfortunately, we don’t know where to find one of those magical, bottomless bags that Hermione Granger and Mary Poppins use to hold all their extra gear. But you can get your hands on these three smart solutions to increase your storage space and look good too.

Narrow Cabinets

If there’s a room where you’d love to have more storage, but feel as though there just isn’t enough space to add another piece of furniture, consider narrow storage options. The unobtrusive STÄLL shoe storage cabinet from IKEA is less than 7 inches deep, but can be used for storing much more than just shoes. It’s great for files and paperwork in an office, books, kitchen utensils, linens and towels, your comic book collection, clothing and accessories (especially if you use the KonMari upright folding method), and much more. You could even turn the wasted space in a hallway into a giant walk-through closet, by butting several of these units next to each down the length of one wall.

Floating Shelving

Whether you’re trying to save space or just love the modern, minimalist look, floating shelving is a great option to add additional storage space just about anywhere. Above your desk, in the entryway by the front door where you’re always looking for somewhere to drop your keys and sunglasses, in place of a nightstand next to your bed – you get the idea. Best of all, it fools the eye into thinking it takes up less room, since it doesn’t utilize any floor space.

A Vintage-Style Bar Cart

Even if you’re not a drinker (can anyone honestly say that after 2020?), a retro bar cart is a glamorous and practical storage option for your home. Usually these wheeled carts have two or three tiers, and in addition to holding liquor and glassware, they’re great for storing other items you may not want to have out on display all the time – think files or samples from your home office, all your scrapbooking or knitting supplies, or your board game collection. A cart like this looks attractive when in use, but is quick and easy to roll out of sight – along with all its contents – into a corner, a closet, or another room when the items on it aren’t needed.

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