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Barbecue wings and two glasses of beer in the foreground with football playing on a TV in the background.



You’re about to read the most “duh” statement in all of history. Ready? OK, here it is:

This past year has been rough.

Nothing profound there, right? But, as we continue to live in a world of COVID, we adjust. We adapt. We reach for some semblance of normalcy wherever we can find it. One of the biggest being football. This football season with little to no fans has been different, to be sure, but nevertheless the show goes on. And with only a few weeks before the big game – Super Bowl LV – you may be thinking of a socially responsible viewing experience outside of your very comfortable yet at this point all too familiar couch of yours. So, for your inner football fan who wants a (socially responsible) crowd atmosphere to go with their Super Bowl, here are three local sports bars that have you covered.*

Blue 32

Within walking distance from us, Blue 32 is one of the best sports bars in the region. With plenty of space for social distancing, a classic mouthwatering pub menu, and 25-plus TVs so you won’t miss any of the action, this is a great choice to watch the game and maybe walk off some calories after.

Zipps Sports Grill

Zipps Sports Grill is also a great spot with strict COVID protocols, so you’re good there. While they do have slightly fewer TVs than our first location, what they do have is outdoor seating complete with TVs. If you want to sit outside and not have to look inside to see the action, this is the spot you want. Get there early, though. Especially if you want outdoor seating. Like the other two locations on this list, Zipps is at limited capacity.

Fat Willy’s Family Sports Grill

The last entry is for anyone who wants to share the Super Bowl-watching experience with anyone under the age of 21. Fat Willy’s Family Sports Grill is a great spot to watch sports, with several TVs behind the bar as well as throughout the restaurant, locally brewed beers on tap, and a pot roast that you have to try.

For more awesome local spots to check out in and around Chandler, be sure to check out the Redstone at SanTan Village blog page.

*Due to fluctuating COVID mandates, we suggest checking locations’ websites and/or calling ahead. And if all else fails, order takeout and enjoy the big game from the comfort of home!