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technician fixing broken phone screen at repair shops in Gilbert

These Phone Repair Shops in Gilbert Provide Speedy and Efficient Service

Get Your Tech Fixed at These Local Repair Shops

Unfortunately, tech problems are a part of life. However, a fix can be super easy with local repair shops that are ready to help. Here are a few that are just a short drive from our apartments in Gilbert

Rapid iPhone Repair

Despite the name, Rapid iPhone Repair handles much more than just Apple products. You can get your iPhone, iPad, Google device, or Samsung device fixed at their Gilbert location. There are also five other locations in Arizona. The shop takes computers as well. Many phone repairs take just an hour or two, but some can take a full day or longer. The shop will let you know how long it's expected to take so that you can be prepared. They even offer a free diagnostic test to determine the problem. Best of all, you can choose whether to use them or not afterward.

Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions

Whether you want to schedule your repair for a specific day and time or just drop the device off when you're running errands, Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions allows both choices. They have a price match guarantee so you won't have to pay more than other shops in the area. You can also get your phone serviced in around 45 minutes or less in many cases. 


Experimax is more than an electronics store. You can bring your devices in for repair as well. Although they sell a variety of products, they primarily handle repairs for Apple devices. They consider themselves experts on all things Apple. Most repairs and upgrades can be completed within just a few hours. 

No matter what phone you have, repair shops around our apartments in Gilbert can help. If you have clothing items in need of repair instead, there are several tailors near Cadia Crossing. To learn more about our community and what's nearby, contact us