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Open paint tubes at Cadia Crossing in Gilbert, Arizona



There’s no time like the present to try something artistic. Begin with these simple projects that will get your creative juices flowing. Creative activities have been proved to relieve stress and promote mental wellness. These art ideas are great at-home activities you can accomplish in your Gilbert, AZ apartment.


This simple and meditative art project looks like a stunning stained glass. Use black glue for the outlines of a rose or other simple drawing. Then, use watercolors or markers to color inside the spaces for a dramatic effect. Hang it on the wall or gift it to a friend. Didn't turn out right the first time? This project is so fast and easy that you can keep trying until you get it just the way you like it.


Enjoy the intricate beauty of weaving combined with your own style of painting. First, create two drawings of the same object, such as a leaf, a butterfly, or a cupcake. Next, paint the drawings with watercolor, and make sure the background and the object contrast. The two paintings should be similar, but don't need to be perfectly identical. Cut the two paintings into one-inch strips, one going vertically and the other horizontally. Now, weave them together. Glue parts of it together discreetly to ensure the paintings stay put. The result is a sophisticated, woven painting of your object.


Popsicle sticks are cheap and easy to find. You might even be able to repurpose some! Tape together a row of wooden popsicle sticks and get creative. Check out this YouTube video for some simple and fun ideas. You can experiment with markers, paints, and even crayons. The possibilities are endless. This open-ended project works great as a creativity booster.


Have you ever tried tangling? Zentangle is a simple art form designed to calm your mind and help you relax. You draw repeated patterns to create dramatic effects. Tangle abstractly or create animals or flowers or anything you like. Enjoy this meditative approach to art as you branch out in different creative directions.

These simple projects will get your creative juices flowing. For more to do, check out these comedy specials. If you have any questions about our Cadia Crossing apartments for rent in Gilbert, AZ, please contact us.