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While so much of life seems to be shifting around us, many of us are trying to figure out how to make the switch from community gyms to living rooms. The good news is that it’s never been easier to access quality training and programming through fitness apps. Check out this list of seven apps with amazing workouts catered to home gyms – and then, get to work!

Nike Training Club

More than a heavily branded experience (though it does deliver that!), the Nike Training Club app makes great workouts and thoughtful programming easily accessible, and it’s all accented by sharp design. Completely free to access, the app features around 200 workouts in a range of categories, including a selection of programs specifically geared toward home gyms. Have an issue with choices? Based on user-entered data, the app will offer personalized recommendations. Users love the varied intensity of the workouts and the high-quality free content. 


Most health and fitness apps rely on video content to lead you through workouts. Aaptiv takes a different tack, using audio cues to lead you through their range of fitness classes. Rather than staring at a screen, you can focus on the movement of your body. You’ll gain access to tons of content (about 2,500 workouts) with good variety, from running and race training to strength training and yoga. Aaptiv includes plenty of exercises that use minimal or no equipment, making it a great option for home workouts. Just enter what equipment you have access to, and the app responds with recommended workouts that use only what you have.

Centr, by Chris Hemsworth

Okay, we’d be lying if we said a big part of the appeal here isn’t working out with Thor. Still, the Centr app offers plenty to be excited about on its own. Make your way through a selection of thoughtfully designed 6-week programs that require little equipment or space. The app gets rave reviews not just for the fitness classes but for the supportive trainers and helpful meal planning, as well as its focus on mindfulness and holistic health. Log your goals, set your intensity, and get to work. You’ll be wielding Mjölnir in no time!

SWEAT: Fitness App for Women

The SWEAT app excels at creating an encouraging environment where it's easy to hit new fitness goals. Lead trainer Kayla Itsines has developed the BBG (Bikini Body Guides) program with a focus on bodyweight exercises, making it perfect for killer home workouts. Kayla and her team also offer a cool level of interaction on Instagram, where you’ll love their body-positive and uplifting content. For its wide range of programs, thorough video tutorials, and built-in timers, SWEAT gets high marks.

Bodyweight Training: Your Gym

Maybe you’re not ready to invest in any equipment or like the idea of doing your workouts anytime, anywhere. For challenging programming that exclusively uses body weight, checkout Bodyweight Training: Your Gym. Created by Mark Lauren, author of You Are Your Own Gym and a leading bodyweight exercise trainer, Bodyweight Training will show you the incredible capacity of your own body as a fitness tool. Look forward to clear instructions and video tutorials for over 200 exercises that you can tackle in a basement, hotel room, or just about anywhere.

Freeletics HIIT Fitness Coach

Another option that focuses on bodyweight training, Freeletics HIIT Fitness Coach provides a nice selection of completely free content, with an upgrade option that includes personalized training. With the free version, you’ll get access to 20 HIIT bodyweight workouts, 25 exercises, and 20 audio sessions – plenty of trials to let you judge if the paid version will be worth it for you.

SHRED: Home & Gym Workout

If you’re regularly working out at home, keeping things fresh can be a challenge. Enter SHRED, a fitness app with a whole category of home workouts and new content coming out all the time. Their home workouts include Classic (bodyweight), Athlete (complex movements), Band, Kettlebell, Dumbbell, and Lean-X (cardio equipment and bodyweight) programming. With plenty of options to explore, you’ll be reenergized to keep working toward your fitness goals.

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