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A bouquet of tulips on an ottoman and a grey sofa in the background with white dog napping.



Fresh flowers in a home make the space feel inviting and, well... homey! Pick up some blooms from your local florist or grocer (like Trader Joe’s) and create a personalized arrangement for your Olympus apartment home. Cadia Crossing is here to show you not only how to do it, but how to keep them fresh as long as possible.

Picking a Vase

Select a vase thats nicely proportioned for the size of your flower arrangement. If you’re going with a large, full bouquet of blooms, a vase with an hourglass shape is ideal. If you’re sticking with something simple like a handful of long-stemmed carnations, a cylindrical vase would look more balanced. 

How to Arrange Flowers

Pour in a packet (or about a tablespoon) of cut flower food at the bottom of a clean vase and fill up about halfway with filtered water prior to adding any foliage or blooms. Start with any leafy filler pieces or greens ahead of the more colorful stems and eye it for size before cutting anything to ensure they are at the height you prefer.

Arrange greens in a criss-cross fashion as you frequently rotate the vase – here’s a how-to video for some visual aid. For the colorful blooms, follow the criss-cross pattern in the vase around the greens and ensure that colors are all balanced throughout. Be sure to use sharp scissors and cut stems at an angle for better water absorption.

Simple With a Pop of Color

This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to flower arrangements – think sunflowers, tulips, calla lilies, and daffodils. With the green stem and bright burst of color from the buds, these varieties allow you to simply grab a handful, size it to a vase, forget the filler foliage, and call it done!


Another easy flower arrangement is the minimalist bouquet. With just a few stems of flowers and maybe a sprig or two of greenery, you can create this budget-friendly, simple arrangement in about 10 minutes or less. Grab a small vase or mason jar and pop in a single sunflower, a couple of ivory roses, a few daisies, or even a small flowering branch.


For a stunning centerpiece or perfect addition to your bedroom dresser, a full, soft-toned floral arrangement is the way to go. For this style of bouquet, you’ll want a curvy-bottomed vase, plenty of filler greens, and fluffy flowers, like white or pink roses, peonies, or gardenias – here’s a video for some inspiration.

Garden Vase

This bouquet style is full of greenery! Think less – or even no – flowers and more filler, almost as if you picked a bunch of plants from the garden and popped them right into the vase – here’s how to do it!

For more tips and tricks to add seasonal flair to your Olympus home, be sure to check out Cadia Crossing’s other blog posts.